"With JMC, We got help where we needed it, when we needed it. It allowed us to meet dynamic needs without impacting other priorities or adding more staff."

As a dynamic booster, we help thriving marketing teams succeed with increased speed, impact, and economy.

Overworked yet understaffed? Our on-demand consulting services can help you meet short-term goals, without incurring any long-term obligation. As a reservoir of resource on-tap, we supplement available bandwidth and compliment existing skill set, and help:
> Boost team capacity
> Accelerate project delivery
> Jumpstart pilot program
We are well-versed in working with engineers, marketers, sales, customers, and excel in product management and marketing: 
> Product Planning - MRD, PRD, package, position, promote
> Marketing Initiative - Target, plan, launch, sustain, feedback
> Industry Assessment - Research, analyze, extrapolate data
> Brand Building - Evangelize what users should say about you  
> Customer Story - Develop compelling value prop and ROI
> Collateral Development. - Data sheet, white paper, case study
Our well-rounded expertise is a culmination of success in enterprise software, emerging solutions, and creative marketing:
> Drove dozen products that helped pull in $100M in revenue
> Conceived game-changing strategies for Sun, Siemens, startups
> Led product teams from design to market to world-record success
> Presented to Fortune 500 CXO's and in key events like JaveOne
JMC is led by Jenning, a 15-year Silicon Valley veteran with senior responsibilities from Fortune 500 firms and startups. At Sun, he led Java on Solaris that drove Solaris JVM to world record success, and conceived integrated stack that led to Sun Java Enterprise System. At Siemens, he started the US e-business initiatives and coordinated delivery with German product teams. Jenning also repositioned a software startup from a me-too identity-management player to a market-leading security infrastructureware pioneer. And while in Hong Kong, he built Asia's first B2B portal that attracted 10,000 global registered users. Jenning began his career as a software engineer, after earning a Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz. 
Our Services           
> Retained Advisory
> Project Support
> Pilot Initiation
Our Results                  
> Greater Impact
> Faster Delivery
> Smarter Resourcing
Our Strengths          
> Business Savvy
   - customer focused
   - solution centric 
   - 3600 market aware
> Industry Experience
   - enterprise software
   - business system
   - datacenter operation
> Technical Know-How
   - SOA, XML, Java
   - SEM, SEO, blogging
   - online transaction
> Global Perspective
   - outsource partner
   - market opportunity
   - greater China
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